SRT Group is led by a world-class team of experts in satellite and WiFi communications – including hardware, software and implementation services for a variety of critical missions.
Rick Lund – Founder and Chairman, SRT Group

Rick Lund has 35 years of experience in telecommunications and technical operations serving today as a subject matter expert on the utilization of satellite and Wi-Fi technology for critical missions both in business and government. His background came from an early career in Law Enforcement and criminal justice that migrated from a role in management into a specialty unit involved with technical support of critical operations on a statewide basis. Upon leaving his law enforcement position, he moved into a role working contracting communications & technical security while traveling throughout the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and the United States. During that time, this work was performed with national telecommunications authorities, government ministries, senior leaders, law enforcement, multinational law and accounting firms and international corporations in over 30 different countries.

When he founded S.R. Technologies in 1999, it was meant to be another 2 year project. Throughout his career, he was involved with training and education in high risk or mission critical systems that have become the staple of the information age. He has instructed at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center; the National Association of Technical Investigators; the Southeast Technical Investigators Association; numerous State and regional training centers; US Government and military facilities around the world. For his work, he has been recognized by the US Government, elements of the US Special Operations community, and law enforcement agencies in the US and abroad. He is a long standing member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA); National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA); International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA). He is a certified firearms instructor and competes in action shooting sports where he also serves as the Florida Area Coordinator for the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA); Rick is a strong supporter of charities that assist fallen and wounded warriors and their families, as well as other groups supporting the US military.
David Flynn – Chief Executive Officer, SRT Group

David Flynn served in the United States Navy for seven years as a Naval Security Group Communications Technician where he held a TS/SCI crypto security clearance. After his military service, he joined the law enforcement community, from which he retired after 24 years of service. During his law enforcement career, he served as a Lead Investigator in numerous federal, state and criminal investigations involving signal intercepts, surveillance, money laundering, narcotics, and organized crime. His expertise in the use of electronic surveillance techniques and his lead role in more than 75 court-ordered communications signal interceptions have led to numerous indictments and convictions. David joined SR Technologies shortly after its inception in 1999.
John Russell – Chief Marketing Officer, SRT Group,
Chief Operating Officer, SRT Wireless

John “JR” Russell is a senior manager with extensive experience in sales, promotion, marketing, product conceptualization and business development. As a pioneer in the marketing of wireless location-specific safety and security systems for consumer, commercial and public safety applications, JR has initiated and managed successful business relationships with some of the largest global brands. He has been a key contributor to start-up companies in numerous areas including the initiation of sales and marketing teams, execution of national marketing and sales campaigns, the creation and implementation of training programs, development of telemarketing programs, and the staffing of sales and promotional projects. At SRT Wireless, JR manages all aspects of SRT Group’s commercial and law enforcement business units.
Luis Llorens – President, SRT Group

Luis E. Llorens, a 20-year computer engineer veteran joined SR Technologies in 2003 as a Senior Software Developer. His career as Vice President of the Engineering Group has a proven successful track record in managing on-going systems engineering, production and test phases of major satellite communications tactical programs as well as contract services, customer liaison, support and reporting for major commercial and government programs. His technical background includes digital signal processing, extensive understanding of satellite communications systems, O&M operations and commercial telecom networks. Mr. Llorens graduated with honors from the University of Puerto Rico in 1986 and the University of Miami in 1987, where he earned a B.S. and an M.S. in computer engineering.
Conrad Smith – Chief Technology Officer, SRT Group

Conrad Smith joined SR Technologies, a forerunner of SRT Group, in 2004 and is responsible for developing and executing the groups technology roadmap and strategy. Conrad works closely with customers, technology partners and the engineering divisions to insure designs meet or exceed customer expectations and satisfy market requirements. His career has included executive management and senior engineering roles in the United Kingdom and United States for defense contractors, Silicon Valley start-ups and private commercial businesses. His career includes extensive experience in the development of proprietary software defined radios, Wi-Fi chipset development and implementations, satellite communications, cognitive “smart services” solutions, GPS-based products, telematics, and cellular and digital video executions. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering with Honors in Electronic Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire in England.
Joyce Solis – Chief Financial Officer and Administration, SRT Group

Joyce Solis is a Certified Public Accountant and joined SRT in 2006 with seventeen years of experience in the accounting and finance field. Her auditor position with DCAA later advanced her to various roles with a Department of Defense contractor, which afterward opened up other career opportunities in various industries, some including environmental, sports and entertainment. In 1991, Joyce received a B.S. in Accounting at Southern Utah University, and then went on to graduate with an MBA in 1996 from Westminster College, in Salt Lake City, Utah. After serving as the Director of Finance for six years with SRT, she was later promoted to Vice President of Finance and Accounting.
Jesse D. Adams, Esq. – General Counsel, SRT Group

Jesse Adams joined SRT Group as General Counsel late 2016. His background includes attending the University of Miami School of Law, during which time he worked for various commercial litigation law firms as well as held internships with two Justices on the Florida Supreme Court, and a judge on the Third District Court of Appeal. After graduating law school with honors Mr. Adams was accepted to the Navy JAG Corps, serving eight years on Active-Duty in numerous commands across the globe including Japan and Afghanistan, and volunteered for duty onboard USS Ronald Reagan and USS George Washington.

Mr. Adams carried the responsibility of advising some of the military’s top leadership. Notably, Mr. Adams served as the Command Judge Advocate and sole legal advisor to the Mayport Naval Station Commanding Officer, as well as the legal advisor to senior leadership of over 80 military tenant commands. Mr. Adams served in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom where he was selected as the Executive Assistant and Military Liaison for the command’s Civilian Deputy Director, a leader within the State Department responsible for U.S. Rule of Law Development and Detention Operations throughout all of Afghanistan. During that tour, Mr. Adams also provided direct support to the 3-Star Admiral (SEAL) who led his command. Mr. Adams further served as the Assistant General Counsel to the Chief of Naval Personnel, a 3-Star Admiral charged with the overall manpower readiness, strategy, and policy for the entire U.S. Navy.

His accomplishments while on Active-Duty included being ranked as the #1 Judge Advocate assigned to the Southeast Region, recognized as the Command Services Attorney of the Year (chosen from JAGs serving world-wide), and was ranked by the Chief of Naval Personnel as #1 out of 51 Lieutenants assigned to the Admiral’s command.

Since leaving Active-Duty, Mr. Adams has practiced commercial litigation and family law, is a member of the Broward County Bar Association, has been elected to the Board of Directors for Broward Navy Days (the organization who plans and hosts Fort Lauderdale Fleet Week), and still proudly serves as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves.

Vincent Costagliola – Vice President of Law Enforcement Technology, SRT Wireless, Facility Security Officer, SRT Group

Vincent Costagliola joined SR Technologies, a forerunner of SRT Wireless, in 2004 as a software developer, quickly advancing to the position of Vice President of the Information Systems Group. In his current capacity, Vincent is responsible for the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for both strategic and tactical software platforms as well as internal IT infrastructure. His technical background includes 15 years experience in software development platforms such as C, Visual Basic, and Visual Studio/Visual, as well as an extensive knowledge of systems integration and business analytics. He is an active member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) and Young AFCEANS, and is an appointed member of the national AFCEA Technology Committee. He is also active in the High Technology Criminal Investigation Association (HTCIA) and InfraGard, a partnership between the US FBI and the private sector. Vincent holds a BS in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Computer Engineering and has two minors in Criminal Justice and Military Sciences. He also has a Project Management Professional certification and is a member of Project Management Institute (PMI). Vincent’s current focus is on emerging wireless technologies and cross-platform utilization of satellite, cellular and WiFi (802.11x) wireless networks.

James O’Brien – Vice President of Government Operations,
SR Technologies, Inc.

James O’Brien joined SR Technologies, a forerunner of SRT Wireless, as a Quality Assurance Engineer in 2005. Within three months he was elevated to Manager, and soon thereafter was selected as the Director of Quality Assurance. In this role James and his team are responsible for developing and carrying out all Project Lifecycle and Quality Assurance testing processes and methodologies, seeking to identify possible defects and enhancements and provide flawless hardware and software for all strategic and tactical platforms. James now serves the company as the Vice President of Government Operations. In this role, he will continue to manage all aspects of Quality Assurance and Training in addition to the added role of Business Development of Government Systems and Solutions. James will be reporting to Luis Llorens, the President of S.R. Technologies, but will also work closely with the SRT Group Board of Directors in matters relating to operations with SRT Group sister companies, (SRT Wireless and SRT Aviation) and strategic business relationships. He is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Public Policy. He has been working in the software industry for the past 20 years.

Ty Brevard – Technical Services Team Lead, SRT Group,
Director of Law Enforcement Technologies, SRT Wireless

Ty Brevard has over 22 years of computer experience, which includes network infrastructure design (both wired and wireless), systems integration, network implementation and maintenance, advanced computer/network security design/engineering as well as geolocation tracking and 802.11 (Wi-Fi) exploitation training. As Director of Law Enforcement Technologies, Ty serves the LE communities as a subject matter expert in the 802.11 exploitation and tracking arena, for both tactical and strategic missions. Ty has expertise in operational techniques and tactics specific to the tracking and geo-location of Wi-Fi information systems. Over the past two (2) year his focus has been in the training, presentation and operational support of DEA, Broward Sheriff’s Office, NYPD, Texas DPS as well other state, local and federal Law Enforcement agencies. As a key member of SRT Wireless’ LE team Ty has consulted on investigations requiring expertise in geo-location, exploitation or neutralization of Wi-Fi emitters and information system technologies. Ty’s career began in the United States Air Force serving for ten years as an Intelligence Analyst where he maintained a TS/SCI clearance. After leaving the Air Force, he worked with the Department of Energy on their network infrastructure and SIPRNet – Secure Internet Protocol Routing Network. In 2005 he joined SR Technologies as a Network Engineer, where he has advanced his knowledge of WI-FI networks/exploitation and now conducts 802.11 operations as well as intermediate and advanced training classes. Mr. Brevard is an active member of AFCEA, and HTCIA (High Technology Criminal Investigation Association – South Florida Chapter).